5 Summer Activities Kids Will Love


Summer vacation is fast approaching! Looking for some new & fun activities to keep the kids busy and active this summer? Try something new and join us for summer in the Green Mountains.   Here’s our top 5 summer vacation activities right here at Stratton. 

1. Stratton Kids Adventure Camps  Choose from four different types of camps, each one allowing kids to make new friends and explore the beauty of Southern Vermont in the summer.


2. Take a scenic gondola ride. You’ve seen the breathtaking views in the winter, but have you ever seen the Green Mountains actually green? A gondola ride to the summit will give the whole family a total 360 degree view!


3. Golf as a family. The new 9-hole Pitch and Putt Course at the Stratton Golf School is ideal for beginner and family play. The Stratton Golf School also provides family and kids programs, where you can get personalized coaching from Stratton’s golf pros.


4. Enjoy the Free Summer Concerts Series on the lawn with the whole family. Each Saturday, a new artist will entertain at the commons, where there will be lawn games and a BBQ. Dancing is encouraged.

Fourth of July

5. Hike & Explore! No matter what age or ability level, there’s a hiking trail for everyone in the family. Along the way, make it fun – see how many critters you can spot, collect fun shaped rocks and splash in natural streams.


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Happy (Early) Father’s Day!

Top 10 Gifts for Dad

Fathers can be tough to buy for, but we’re here to help with the Top 10 Gifts for Dad. Whether you’re spending quality time together or treating him to a stress-free guys’ weekend, give him a gift he’ll brag about.

  1. Treat Dad to a round of golf at a championship course with scenery to match. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/golf/index.aspx
  2. Help him get back in the swing of things with a lesson at the Stratton Golf School. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/golf/golf-school/golf-programs.aspx
  3. Book a tennis lesson or a weekend workshop with the pros at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/tennis/index.aspx
  4. For the foodie fathers, a Farm-to-Table dinner is on the menu. Choose from three nights, each with an exclusive menu. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/farm-to-table-dinners.aspx
  5. Does Dad think he’s the next Top Chef? Reserve a spot for him in one of two Green Mountain Culinary Escapes. A weekend of cooking with Stratton’s Chef Ebel with farm-fresh ingredients. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/events/2014/08/green-mtn-culinary-2.aspx
  6. Nothing says family bonding like trying a new sport together. Rent the gear you need from First Run in Stratton Village. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/stratton-activities/summer-activities/paddleboarding.aspx
  7. Yoga and music come together at Wanderlust Stratton. Dad can choose from yoga classes to guided hikes, intimate lectures to live music and more. http://stratton.wanderlustfestival.com/
  8. Does Dad want to do it all? The Cross Fun package is just for him. Includes lodging, rentals, fitness classes, golf, and more. http://www.stratton.com/plan-your-trip/deals-and-packages/cross-fun-pkg.aspx
  9. If he’s already dreaming of winter surprise him with a 2014/2015 season pass. http://www.stratton.com/lift-tickets-and-passes/stratton-season-passes.aspx
  10. Dad can’t make it up to the mountain for Father’s Day? Bring the mountain to him with apparel, glasswear and more so he can show his Stratton pride wherever he goes. http://stratton-mountain-resort-store.myshopify.com/

Meet the Women of Stratton – Devon Paskewich

By Courtney DiFiore

I’m really happy that International Women’s Ski Day is an actual thing because without it I don’t know if this amazing series would have ever taken off. Through my many interviews, I’ve realized that I’m surrounded by wonderful, talented women here at Stratton. Devon Paskewich is no exception. Paskewich started skiing when she was 3 or 4 and it was definitely a family thing. The Paskewich’s would pack up the car for weekend trips to Vermont all winter long.

devoAfter many seasons on skis, Paskewich decided to try snowboarding on for size just ten years ago. “I realized that was my calling; I fell in love,” remarks Paskewich. It’s one of the reasons she made the move up to Stratton full time! No complaints here. Now, Paskewich works as the Junior Mountain Sports School Manager. It’s the perfect job for her as she loves kids. That’s her favorite part of the job in fact. “They really do say the funniest things,” shares Paskewich, “one comment can really turn your day around.”

The bonds you make with your students are another bonus to the line of work Paskewich is in. She took a moment to go back in time and talk about a wonderful 3 days spent with a 70 year old woman she was teaching to snowboard. “By the third day she was making beautiful turns and totally rocked it! All I did was try and keep her happy, calm and prevent her from falling. I think we were inspiring to each other and I think it is important that women do that for one another,” explains Paskewich. Maybe that’s why she also participates in the Women’s Camps Stratton holds every season. If you have a passion for the sport, why not share it right?!

One thing she was able to personally share with me that I’ll pass along to all of you is that snowboarding and skiing have always been a great way to escape for her, making it seem like a very therapeutic and  stress relieving activity. “Take time to explore new mountains and trails,” Paskewich tells me, “my favorite being the woods.” Who doesn’t like a good tree run?

In the off season you can still catch a glimpse of Paskewich on the mountain hiking, at the tennis courts channeling her inner William’s sister or indoor cycling. After all she is a certified cycling instructor. Is there anything this girl doesn’t do?

Meet the Women of Stratton – Gigi Matthews

By Courtney DiFiore

gigi matthewsMeet Gigi Matthews. If you don’t know her, you’re one of the few. Matthews is in her 8th season working at Stratton. “I work with a great team – the Info Desk crew can solve just about any problem or mystery that comes along…” says Matthews. You can find Matthew’s friendly smile in the Base Lodge as she’s the Resort Services Supervisor. She also manages the resort service team. “Their passion for Stratton inspires me! They bring such a depth of experience and great energy to their volunteering, and they’re lots of fun to work with,” shares Matthews as she explains to me why she calls her job the best on the mountain.

Matthews learned to ski at Stratton when she was 8 or 9 years old. Her dad loved to ski and her mom was a good sport about it and would tag along for the many weekend trips from NJ. “We stayed at the Liftline Lodge where my parents would listen to the Stratton Mountain Boys and us kids would sled down the hill on cafeteria trays at night,” explained Matthews. It wasn’t until her “poor college phase” that Matthews took a short hiatus from skiing. “I started again when my husband, Scott, decided he wanted to learn to ski and booked a trip for our second anniversary.” What a sweet guy! “He was hooked, so we started skiing together a lot. When we had our daughter and she loved to ski, it sealed the deal!”

Skiing for Matthews is very rewarding. “There is nothing more exhilarating than flying down Free Fall on a sunny day. But I also love the reflective groove I get into making short turns under the arches of tree branches on Work Road after a fresh snow,” says Matthews. Really an alpine skier, she also telemarks. You can find Matthews sharing her love for skiing every Wednesday with the Green Mountain Woman. “This program brings together woman of all ages and experiences to explore the Mountain. We learn a little about ourselves and our skiing, forge friendships and laugh a lot,” Matthew tells me. The social aspect seems to be a big motivation for these women, just like Matthews, that continue to return year after year.

Though Matthews lives for the winter months, she carries a strong passion for tennis as well. You can find her in a rally every morning over the summer or perhaps working with Stratton’s 3.5 USTA tennis team which she captains. Another passion for this well-loved woman of Stratton is travel. “I’m really excited to be going to Iceland this spring. Maybe I’ll see the Northern Lights!” remarks Matthews. If you do, I best see a picture upon your return.