5 Summer Activities Kids Will Love


Summer vacation is fast approaching! Looking for some new & fun activities to keep the kids busy and active this summer? Try something new and join us for summer in the Green Mountains.   Here’s our top 5 summer vacation activities right here at Stratton. 

1. Stratton Kids Adventure Camps  Choose from four different types of camps, each one allowing kids to make new friends and explore the beauty of Southern Vermont in the summer.


2. Take a scenic gondola ride. You’ve seen the breathtaking views in the winter, but have you ever seen the Green Mountains actually green? A gondola ride to the summit will give the whole family a total 360 degree view!


3. Golf as a family. The new 9-hole Pitch and Putt Course at the Stratton Golf School is ideal for beginner and family play. The Stratton Golf School also provides family and kids programs, where you can get personalized coaching from Stratton’s golf pros.


4. Enjoy the Free Summer Concerts Series on the lawn with the whole family. Each Saturday, a new artist will entertain at the commons, where there will be lawn games and a BBQ. Dancing is encouraged.

Fourth of July

5. Hike & Explore! No matter what age or ability level, there’s a hiking trail for everyone in the family. Along the way, make it fun – see how many critters you can spot, collect fun shaped rocks and splash in natural streams.


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Happy (Early) Father’s Day!

Top 10 Gifts for Dad

Fathers can be tough to buy for, but we’re here to help with the Top 10 Gifts for Dad. Whether you’re spending quality time together or treating him to a stress-free guys’ weekend, give him a gift he’ll brag about.

  1. Treat Dad to a round of golf at a championship course with scenery to match. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/golf/index.aspx
  2. Help him get back in the swing of things with a lesson at the Stratton Golf School. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/golf/golf-school/golf-programs.aspx
  3. Book a tennis lesson or a weekend workshop with the pros at the Cliff Drysdale Tennis School. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/tennis/index.aspx
  4. For the foodie fathers, a Farm-to-Table dinner is on the menu. Choose from three nights, each with an exclusive menu. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/farm-to-table-dinners.aspx
  5. Does Dad think he’s the next Top Chef? Reserve a spot for him in one of two Green Mountain Culinary Escapes. A weekend of cooking with Stratton’s Chef Ebel with farm-fresh ingredients. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/events/2014/08/green-mtn-culinary-2.aspx
  6. Nothing says family bonding like trying a new sport together. Rent the gear you need from First Run in Stratton Village. http://www.stratton.com/events-and-activities/stratton-activities/summer-activities/paddleboarding.aspx
  7. Yoga and music come together at Wanderlust Stratton. Dad can choose from yoga classes to guided hikes, intimate lectures to live music and more. http://stratton.wanderlustfestival.com/
  8. Does Dad want to do it all? The Cross Fun package is just for him. Includes lodging, rentals, fitness classes, golf, and more. http://www.stratton.com/plan-your-trip/deals-and-packages/cross-fun-pkg.aspx
  9. If he’s already dreaming of winter surprise him with a 2014/2015 season pass. http://www.stratton.com/lift-tickets-and-passes/stratton-season-passes.aspx
  10. Dad can’t make it up to the mountain for Father’s Day? Bring the mountain to him with apparel, glasswear and more so he can show his Stratton pride wherever he goes. http://stratton-mountain-resort-store.myshopify.com/

Once Isn’t Enough – A Profile of Matthew McPhillips

By Courtney DiFiore

It’s a funny thing, mountain life. There’s an allure to it and the lifestyle engulfs all who take part. The atmosphere is electric and mellow all at once creating the perfect oxymoron. Matthew McPhillips experienced the pull of this energy in 2006 when he first moved to Stratton Mountain. Now, 8 years later, he is immersed in the mountain culture as the Head Golf Professional.

“I was fortunate enough to be given the keys to an operation at age 25, and I take great pride in that. The fact that I am now entering my fourth season [as Head Pro], living on the complete opposite side of the world to every member of my immediate family just goes to show my dedication to the position,” shares McPhillips.

There’s debate as to whether it’s something in the water, air or Kool Aid that infects those that find their way to the mountain, but one thing’s for sure, there’s something special going on at Stratton that keeps people coming back. All year long, license plates from around the North East and beyond turn up in our parking lots. Before visitors reach the mountain they begin to feel the magic of Southern Vermont. The rolling hills and vibrant colors of green set the stage for a true scenic trip.

“Being close to major cities is nice but being able to literally get in your car and drive nowhere in particular…that is a luxury that a lot of people cannot access in their urbanized lifestyles,” explains McPhillips. The bends and curves of Southern Vermont roads become hypnotic to travelers. Sights of native wildlife create excitement and that’s the moment mountain life sweeps you off your feet leaving you breathless and wanting more.

When McPhillips was asked what keeps him coming back to Stratton after all this time, his response was simple, “I love the work I do and the beautiful Green Mountain State that is Vermont. I’ve found the right balance between work and play enabling me to stay active on a daily basis.”

Everyone has their own reasons for sticking around and though different, the one thing they share is Stratton. Have you found your reason to keep coming back?

Capture. Compare. Improve.


By Courtney DiFiore

The thing I love about golf is that it’s a lifetime kind of sport. You can begin playing as a kid and continue into old age. Many other sports I play take a toll on the joints, involving a lot of impact. With golf, I know that I’ll still be able to play in 50 years. Will I be paying well in 50 years? Mhmm debatable.

Two days ago I would have told you that my game was doomed to stay as is; however, then I learned about V1 and the sky became more blue, the grass greener and life a little sweeter. J V1 is the #1 video swing analysis system in golf and lucky for me, Stratton Golf School now uses this program!


I made my way over the golf school ASAP to check it out. This software is seriously awesome. Stratton instructors take a video of your swing on their iPad (that’s the ‘capture’ part), then they analyze it with you and ‘compare’ your swing with other pros. V1 has thousands of golfers’ swings from local golf pros to top PGA instructors. As the instructor goes through your analysis, the iPad is recording the whole thing. Then it’s sent to your email. You can even have it sent to your phone as a text message. So now I have a locker on golfacademy.com that holds my video lesson forever. How cool?!

I look forward to doing this again at the end of the season so we can compare me to my old-self rather than a pro. Though it was pretty awesome being put next to a PGA pro and hearing that our swings are very similar. Apparently, I missed my calling as a golfer!


Golf, Yoga or both?


By Myra Foster

Nancy McMahon stopped me this morning to say she had just played her best round of golf. Ever. “I should take yoga before every game.”

We had been in a yoga flow class together at The Living Room on Tuesday. She packed up her mat and was off to meet friends for a little lunch at Tenderloins and their 1:47 tee time.

I don’t know what the scorecard read but her smile told the story.   “I was so relaxed.”  Shoulders, back, hamstrings stretched.  “There was more power in my swing.”

Golf and Yoga. Now there’s a program at Stratton Golf School with a workshop for women August 9-11 and one for all on August 23-24. Now you can take advantage of Stratton’s proven instructional programs – with a twist.

Renowned since 1969 for individualized golf programs and a teaching facility designed specifically for instruction, Stratton Golf School now adds V1 video analysis to the powerful teaching tools. You’ll go home with a swing analysis reminder along with your pro’s comments and even a comparison to tour players.


Along with the technical aspects of the game, Golf and Yoga builds flexibility, focus, core strength.  Be Centered. Balanced.  And remember to Breathe.

I’ve been reminded to slow down my backswing. To relax. “You’ve got a powerful swing, we just need to harness that power,” I’ve been told. So I’m thinking this Golf and Yoga might just be my gateway to a better game.  Then maybe Nancy might just let me join her for a round.

Learn More about the Golf & Yoga at Stratton.com