Stratton 4th of July Activities Lineup

It’s that time of year again! Break out your red, white and blue attire and light up those sparklers because it’s almost Independence Day. What better way to celebrate than in the Green Mountains with family and friends? The annual Mountain Friends and Freedom celebration features fireworks, gondola rides, live music, barbecues, games and festivities for the whole family on July 3-5.

On Saturday, July 4, enjoy lawn games, hay rides, dunk tank, glow in the dark hoola-hooping, firetruck display, paintball target practice and other carnival games from 4-9:00pm. Taste the best Vermont fare at the old fashioned barbeque. Take a gondola ride and experience the breathtaking views at the summit. You can even challenge your friends to a hot dog eating contest at 6:00pm! If you have more of a sweet tooth, enter the pie eating contest at 7:00pm for a chance at some great prizes. Jeff Tuohy and the Lustre Kings will take the main stage at 4:00pm as part of the Free Stratton Summer Concert Series.


Fireworks will light the sky starting at 9:15pm.


Activity will be buzzing throughout the Village, with caricature artists and face painters and family entertainers  ready to amuse from 4-7:00pm. The Vermont Museum of Natural History will also set up camp in the Village displaying New England’s largest collection of native species. Caricature artists and face painting will be available Sunday in the Village from 11am-2pm.



Dining Specials can be found throughout the Village, with outdoor patios to enjoy your meals at.

Menu Selections Friday 7/3:

  • Mulligan’s – Tommy’s Famous Split Hot Dogs. Red, white and blue Sangria. Raw bar featuring  iced oysters, clams and shrimp.  Lobster bake special for dinner.
  • Sushi Bar – Fresh lemonade stand.
  • The Fire Tower – 4th of July Picnic Dinner featuring a $25 prix fixe 3 courses. Includes local lettuce salad, Whistle Pig BBQ basted ribs, VT Maple mustard grilled chicken, Mac-n-cheese, strawberry-bluebarb shortcake.
  • Bar 802 – $12 cheese pies

Menu Selections Saturday 7/4:

  •  Main base Area – Old Fashioned BBQ  4pm-9pm featuring Hot dogs, hamburgers, ribs, potato salad, corn on the cob, veggie burgers, chips and watermelon, assorted soft drinks. Cash bar.
  • Mulligan’s – Tommy’s Famous Split Hot Dogs. Red, white and blue Sangria. Raw bar featuring  iced oysters, clams and shrimp. Lobster special for dinner. Breakfast 7-11am.
  • Sushi Bar – Fresh lemonade stand.
  • The Fire Tower – 4th of July Picnic Dinner featuring a $25 prix fixe 3 courses. Includes local lettuce salad, Whistle Pig BBQ basted ribs, VT Maple mustard grilled chicken, Mac-n-cheese, strawberry-bluebarb shortcake
  • Bar 802 – Lobster Roll and tots $15, Fried clam roll & tots $15, Strawberry shortcake sliders $5, Red and white Sangria $5 , All Vermont Draft $5.

Menu Selections Sunday 7/5:

  • Mulligan’s – Tommy’s Famous Split Hot Dogs. Red, white and blue Sangria. Raw bar featuring  iced oysters, clams and shrimp.  Prime rib special for dinner. Breakfast 7-11am.
  • Sushi Bar – Fresh lemonade stand.
  • The Fire Tower – two course prix fixe at $25 Broiled ½ main lobster, shrimp, mussels and clams. Served with grilled potato linguica hash and corn on the cob. Blond brownie dessert bar with ice cream.
  • Bar 802 – $2 Tacos.


We hope to see you here!

How to film an EPIC wedding video

By WeddingMix

How to film an EPIC wedding video: A beginner’s guide to action shots

Kristi-Chris-WeddingMixThere’s something special about couples that opt to tie the knot in the great outdoors. Not only does the bride and groom’s venue hints at their appreciation of natural beauty, it also showcases taste for action and adventure!

From skiing and snowboarding to kayaking and stand up paddleboarding, I’ve seen a ton of amazing wedding video footage filmed by adventurous couples over the years. If you’re thinking about including outdoor activities into your wedding weekend, check out these 7 videography tips for action filming to make your wedding video epic!

  1. Create a shot list based on the length of your wedding

Are you having a multi-day event? Make sure that you get the whole wedding story, not just the wedding day!

For example, Kristen and Greg’s rustic wedding in wine country, she included the journey to the mountainous wedding as part of her shot list.

  1. What pre- and post-wedding events do you have scheduled?

Most likely you will have a rehearsal dinner. If you have lots of out of town guests, you may also have some pre-wedding parties or activities going on. Those fun impromptu events are where you’ll get the most candid moments of your guests. It’s also where you’ll get to spend the most time with them. You’ll be pretty busy on the wedding day itself.

And don’t forget the honeymoon! It’s all part of your entire wedding adventure. Check out the “extra guests” at Javier’s rehearsal dinner video. And the double honeymoon at the end. Mountain climbing and pro football in one trip!

  1. If you’re filming with a phone, hold the camera sideways.

Have you ever seen a Hollywood film with black bars on the side? That’s what your footage is going to look like if you hold your phone vertically. Make sure to hold the phone sideways, so the video clips will look good in wedding video later.

  1. Be Your Own Tripod

Megan_Christopher_WeddingMixIf you’re taking video clips longer than a few seconds, your hands will naturally start to drift downwards. Best bet is to be your own tripod: grip the phone with two hands and gently brace your elbows against the top of ribs. Super important to remember whilst filming the first dance!

  1. Provide Interview Questions.

I provided a list of simple questions to some of my friends that I had setup in advance to assure we were getting some personalized messages on our videos. Another great way to personalize your video is to interview your future-spouse. It’s nice for those dedicated clips to work their way into the final wedding video!

  1. One Word: GoPro

GoPro’s are high-def personal cameras, Rustic_weddingmix_ Kateusually in extreme action video photography. They are known for being rugged, wearable, and lightweight in unusual places such as attached to a helmet, bicycle, or boat. Are you and your spouse rock climbing or white water rafting after taking the plunge? How cool would it be to capture that view for your wedding video!

  1. Most importantly, plan really cool activities for a really cool wedding video!

Don’t forget to take advantage of all the fun you can have with an outdoor wedding getaway! Whether you want an over-night ski trip with your bridal party or a post-wedding standing up paddleboard excursion, make sure you plan something EPIC to kick off your new adventure as a married couple!

Author Bio:

The WeddingMix team is dedicated to capturing all the epic, candid, and heartwarming wedding moments through the eyes of those who love you most. Not only is the WeddingMix app + HD rental cameras a personalized and affordable alternative to boring wedding videos, it’s an easy and fun way to capture all of your wedding guests’ photos and videos in one organized spot! After the wedding, your favorite video clips are turned into a custom edited wedding video for you to re-watch for years to come.

Goggle Tan For All

By Courtney DiFiore

HSP Pond Skim 2
It’s that time of the season – spring skiing! Spring means Stratton’s Annual Pond Skim. This event is a personal favorite because it’s full of thrills, chills and spills. I also really like it for the costumes. After my failed crossing last year (look for me, I’m the pizza slice!), I’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep dry this time around.

  1. Be prepared to fall – hopefully you don’t but let’s not get over confident.
  2. DON’T speed check – wax your equipment.HSP Pond Skim 3
  3. Lean back – but not too far back.
  4. Go STRAIGHT – turning slows you down.
  5. Wear the most ridiculous outfit you can find – suggestions include anything neon, shiny attire, onesies, wigs and so on.
  6. Get your best friends to join you – the more the merrier.
  7. Bring an extra pair of clothes – you may need them.


Why We Love 24Hours

By Courtney DiFiore

  1. Raises money for a great cause – The Stratton Foundation to help under privileged kids in the surrounding region.
  2. It’s fun!
  3. It’s an event for the whole family.
  4. It includes night skiing and riding (which is totally awesome).
  5. The Patriot Cheerleaders come and keep the competitors going with their spirit.
  6. There’s great live music.
  7. There’s a beer garden.
  8. There’s also (my personal favorite) fireworks!
  9. It all ends with a team B-B-Q and awards in the base area
  10. Did I already mention it’s fun?

Thanks to over 330 competitors and over 1,000 donors in 2013, we raised $175,000 in our first year. We look forward to exceeding $175,000 this year. Thank you to all who choose to participate from competitors to sponsors and everyone in-between.

See you at the starting line.


VT Open Recap

By Adam Gray

HSP2014_4054-2250pxAs the morning clouds parted ways to reveal a deep blue canvas sky, Suntanner sat patiently awaiting its adoring fans, the 2014 VT Open Competitors. A massive 26-turn banked slalom snaking on rider’s right, a big air jump fit for giants halfway up on rider’s left, followed immediately by a freshly cut halfpipe — AND a 5 feature rail garden just below that. Suntanner was an arena fit for snowboarding’s kings and queens!

HSP2014_4083-2250px-2Friday, March 7th kicked off the VT Open with an insane rail jam. The parks crew pulled out all the stops crafting up an outstanding rail garden where athletes pushed themselves and one another. With over 100 competitors signed up for the rail jam, competition was fierce. Spectators mobbed the hill, trying to catch a glimpse of the many talented riders. Grizzly’s deck was lined with those hoping for a view.  Max Lyons and Ashley Bekah set the bar high from their first drop and as a result found themselves spots on the podium.

HSP2014_4200-2250pxThe excitement grew as the next event approached – halfpipe. Once again the sun shone, smells of BBQ wafted through the air and music vibrated with the cheering crowd. You could see the excitement building within the athletes. It was obvious that these athletes were going to put on an amazing show. Riders were going big out of the pipe, clearly putting their best foot forward. Competition was tough, but at the end of the event Ross Powers and Anna Valentine took first in Men and Women’s Pro Class. The Snurfer Challenge followed and put athletes and spectators alike in great spirits as attention shifted to the evening.

Lifts stopped spinning, the sun went down and the lights went up. There’s something magical about a mountain after hours, especially during the Vermont Open. A whole new energy settled itself on Suntanner, infecting all who hiked up to the Big Air jump. One by one the competitors dropped while the announcer competed with the cheering crowd. Jeremy Ellenburg and Elin Tortorice took first in Men’s and Woman Pro Class.

Day one competition may have been over but the celebration was not; the crowd made its way to Grizzly’s to keep the merriment going.          DSC_0117

When the sun rose on the second day of competition, everyone showed up prepared to perform at their best. The 26 turn banked slalom course looked inviting and frightening at the same time. The competitors couldn’t wait to fly through the turns. Athletes gathered at the top of the race course mentally and physically prepared as the crowd gathered at the bottom, some watching from Grizzly’s deck. While each competitor dropped into the course, the crowd cheered over the music and announcer. The camaraderie of the athletes was refreshing and infectious. Once again, Ross Powers and Anna Valentine took first in Men and Women’s Pro Class in the event.

Though the VT Open is still young (at only 2 years old), it’s growing fast; in fact the Roots Package and Banked Slalom were sold out before the event even began. Kudos to all those who per-registered and landed a spot. Thanks again to all who participated from athletes to sponsors, already looking forward to next year.


Let’s Get Spinning This Month

It’s Spin Month at Stratton Resort meaning there’s points up for grabs in our Be. Event Series. Check out the details HERE!

Next month is Reflection Month. It’s your chance to practice yoga and find your happy (Plus you earn BONUS Be. points). You can see all Stratton has to offer when it comes to yoga HERE.

Below is the full list of Stratton’s remaining Be. Bonus Events and all the points that go along with them:
January: Spin month, one class during the month earns you 10 points. (one time deal)
February:  Yoga month. One class during the month earns you 10 points. (one time deal)
March: Cross Fit month, one class during the month earns you 8 points (one time deal)
April: Tin Man worth 50 points (complete within the Sports Center over the month)

  • Swim (2112.00 yards)
  • Bike (56.00 miles)
  • Run (13.10 miles)

May: Shires Marathon worth 50 points.
June: Tennis month, one class during the month earns you 5 points. (one time deal)
July: TBD
Hiking month. Compete in the 7 Summits Challenge to earn 15 points.
October: Heels to Paws worth 15 points.

Freeski and Snowboard Events Line-Up

By Adam Gray

Calling all terrain park enthusiasts! Time to pack away those snowboard and ski films that help you make it through the summer because winter is finally here! More importantly, the 2013-2014 winter season is jam packed with park events for both skiers and riders of all ability levels and ages.

We couldn’t be any more excited for the return of some of the best events in Vermont and the start of others. If you love to ski or ride in the park, the place to be this winter is right here at Stratton. The air is buzzing with excitement this year as the mountain welcomes back The Cold Wars Series, Village Rail Jam, USASA Series and the Vermont Open.121229_usasa_railjam_Snowboard_HS03

The Village Rail Jam is one of the favorites here on November 30. It’s the first on-snow jam of the season on the mountain’s most visible stage in the heart of Stratton’s Village. The Stratton Parks Crew trucks in some of the season’s first snow to prop up a feature. Drop in, show the mountain what you’ve got, get rid of those first jib jitters and compete for a cash prize and some swag.

First hit was at 2pm today. Richie, of Stratton Parks crew, had only good things to say about the talent that came out to participate today, “It’s been a cornucopia of great skiing and riding at this year’s Village Rail Jam.”

The Cold War Series is another chance for you to compete for cash, swag and bragging rights on Tyro’s rail and box features. The jam will start at 11am in Tyrolienne Park on January 18. As always, in order to have fun, you have to play safe, so helmets will be required. If you only plan on watching you’re in luck because the event is conveniently located within view from the Main Base Area.121229_usasa_railjam_Ski

The USASA Southern Vermont Snowboard and Freeski Series also returns to Stratton with 8 events: 3 rail jams, 4 skier/boardercross competitions and a banked slalom event. The first USASA rail jam at Stratton goes big in Tyro on December 29 and is open to both skiers and riders of all ages and abilities. See if you’ve got what it takes to top the podium in both categories.

130126_Boardercross_Sun_HS11The most anticipated event returning March 7-9 is the newly famed Vermont Open. Stratton Mountain and The Washed Up Cup bring you The Vermont Open, an event designed for snowboarders by snowboarders. There’s over $20,000 in prize money. For one weekend, snowboarders of all pedigrees come together to ride, compete, party and enjoy the snow. It’s a highlight of the season that’s not to be missed. This is truly open. The competition is open to all snowboarders and designed for amateurs, juniors, pros and snowboarding’s legends to compete in the same arena. If you’re not looking to participate, there is a plethora of other activities going on through these days. After all, the weekend is coined as a Snowboard and Music Festival. Get out here and witness some great snowboarding and music acts.

freeskiNew this season on February 20-22 for all you skiers in search of top level competition is the North Face Park and Pipe Series. The North Face Park & Pipe series is a grassroots pipeline for athletes hoping to develop their skills and eventually qualify for top-level competitions. In addition to providing an open competition opportunity for athletes, The North Face is also the charter sponsor of U.S. Freeskiing through 2018. Some of freeskiing’s top names have competed in The North Face PPOS, including Gus Kenworthy, David Wise, Nick Goepper, Joss Christensen, Devin Logan, Roz Groenewoud and Maddie Bowman. Will you be the next name?

Welcome to Wanderlust 2013 – Day 1

By Courtney DiFiore

The sun rose on Stratton, illuminating the mountain in all its glory, giving light to thousands of yogis. Greeting the sunrise, yoga enthusiasts, like camels, carry their life on their backs. Armed with water and a yoga mat (or two!), crowds form and a calming, zen energy coats the mountain. This is Wanderlust.


Day 1: The morning began with a slew of classes: meditative hikes, mindful yoga, slack lining and hooping. Those who weren’t partaking in workshops were seen wandering the village. Lined with vendors, the cobblestone path plays host to a variety of tents, free samples of yummy (and healthy!) treats, handmade goods, water stations, henna and more. As the day progressed, more and more people showed up to join in on this celebration of music and yoga. When the sun

finally did begin to set on the first night of this four day event, the mountain was then lit by only sparklers and fire from the quixotic dancers at the opening ceremony. The pond reflected a mirror image of the crowd as it gazed upon the dancers, drummer and violinist.  The fire dimmed to a light glow and the sparklers died, signaling a change of venue to The Greatest Place (our main tent in the base area). There, the celebration continued into the late hours of the night with a concert full of spectacular music, hooping, yoga and dance.


Wanderlust began in Squaw Valley, California back in 2009 and came to Stratton Mountain, Vermont in 2011. Additional locations that this amazing festival travels includes Copper Mountain in Colorado, North Shore in Ohio, Whistler in British Colombia, CAN, Tremblant in Quebec, CAN and Chillan, Chile. The hope is that, this festival continues to spread far and wide. There’s talk of sharing this special event with all the Kiwis and Aussies in New Zealand and Australia within the next few years.

Though 2009 marks the first Wanderlust and 2008 is credited for being the year the idea manifested, “the germ of the idea was before then,” says Wanderlust Co-founder, Sean Hoess. Jeff Krasno, another founder of Wanderlust (the ‘O’ in Co-founder you could say), has been running a music company with Hoess for the last ten years; meanwhile, his wife, Schuyler Grant has made a name for herself as a well-known yoga instructor. Grant brought Hoess and Krasno into the world of yoga and all that it entails as she took them from yoga retreat to yoga retreat.

Hoess describes his experiences within the world of yogis by saying, “This is a passionate community. People really care about their bodies and their health and living a sustainable life, but they also really have a great time. They want to go out and dance and have a good time and drink a bunch of wine, you know, like anyone else. So we (Hoess and Krasno) started to think, you know, God this could be a festival actually.”


And so it began. Hoess and Krasno had all the skills needed to manage the music, event and PR side of things and lucky for them; Grant had an extensive history with yoga, leading this trio to create the largest multi-day music and yoga festival in the world. Day one is in the books, giving everyone a taste of Wanderlust as we look to continue enjoying the great music, fun yoga and good vibes.