Introducing Venture Vermont: A Vermont Travel Guide

It is no secret that many of our readers and guests may only visit Vermont in the winter time. However, have you ever visited us in the summer, to witness the beauty of the Green Mountains in all its green glory?

This summer, starting June 18, join us on the journey to Venture Vermont and explore Southern Vermont’s best summer
logoactivity spots, all within a short distance to Stratton Mountain. Our goal with this travel guide is to find the best unique activities, swimming holes, hikes, mountain biking trails and more and give you the information you need to know such as directions, gear guides and first hand activity highlights, so your family can enjoy the best that Southern Vermont has to offer. Choose from a variety of lodging options here at Stratton and you can stay comfortably before and after you start your outdoor adventure.

Follow our Blog,  website and social media channels for everything Venture Vermont. We also want to see how you do Vermont in the summer! Share your photos with us using the hashtag #VentureVermont, and your photo and activity can be featured on our channels and you could be picked for special give-aways.

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The best thing about Vermont isn’t the amazing winters; it’s that every season is incredible. The Venture Vermont journey kicks off on June 18, with Stratton’s Wanderlust Festival. Join us on this adventure as we share the wonders of Vermont in the summer – the beauty may surprise you.

For questions, more information or to suggest a place for us to visit, please email Cassie at


It’s A New Year…Almost

By Courtney DiFiore

I’ve heard people say something to the effect of “look at life through the windshield, not through the rearview mirror” and I understand the concept; we should look forward instead of wasting a moment on the past. However, when New Year’s rolls around, I can’t help but look back. I like to reminisce about the year I’ve had and reassess my goals, where I’m headed, who’s in my life and so on.

This year, I made a list of all my intentions for 2014. I’ll keep this list posted by my bedside, the bathroom, my office, the kitchen, my car and probably more places I’ve yet to think of so I’m constantly reminded of my goals.

Courtney’s New Year Intentions:

  1. Kick the bad habits and replace them with healthier ones (examples below)
    1. Eat fruit instead of sour patch kids for some sugar
    2. Drink more water, even though it means more trips to the bathroom
    3. Work out in the morning instead of after work…them maybe it’ll actually happen!
    4. Make healthier choices starting with joining the Be. Lifestyle Challenge (check!)
    5. Read a book a month
    6. Do something for someone else every day
    7. Travel somewhere new
    8. Be a better sister, daughter and friend J
    9. Write more…it’s relaxing
    10. Practice yoga…once a week to start will be an accomplishment
    11. Slow down and enjoy the moment. I’m usually in a rush.

What’s on your list? Share your intentions, resolutions, and goals, whatever you want to call them here on the blog, socially or if you catch me on the hill you can do it in person!

Happy Early New Year Everyone!

7 Summits Leader Board

By: Courtney DiFiore

We’ve passed the halfway benchmark for September meaning there’s just 2 weeks left to complete Stratton’s 7 Summits Challenge.

Adam Wanamaker, Manager at The Activity Hub, sent out a nice email detailing the progress of my completion this morning. Without publicizing how pitiful my vertical is in comparison, I’ll just leave you with some final words from Wanamaker.

“Sue Foulkes, Sky Foulkes, Bill Nupp, Laura Mullen and Chad Milliken are all above the 10K mark, with Jenna Pugliese on the cusp. The first participant to summit Mt. Blanc & Mt. Vinson will be this week. With such a close contest and determined contestants, things are changing by the hour.”

Good luck and keep hiking!

7 Summits Challenge

By Courtney DiFiore


Am I the only one that refused to believe it’s already September? Where has the summer gone? Leaves are slowly beginning to change, promising a grand show of colors throughout the green mountains. Because of where I live, I can easily observe the changing of seasons from my front door, but nothing can compare to an aerial view. Standing atop a mountain on a brisk fall morning adds a value and appreciation to the view that just isn’t possible from my porch. So when I found out that September is hiking month at Stratton, it seemed more than fitting, not to mention right up my alley!

This September, Stratton’s giving me a little extra incentive to digging out my hiking shoes and hitting the trails with a 7 Summits Challenge. The goal is to pick one of the seven tallest summits across the world and hike the equivalent elevation. Lucky for me, Stratton’s made it easy to keep track of my progress by creating profiles on the MapMyHike app and All Trails app.


Apparently Everest, you know that really big mountain in Asia that people need oxygen tanks to hike (yeah that one!), is as high as 15 Stratton Mountains. That’s a lot of climbing, but I enjoy a challenge, so I’ve picked Everest. I have to hike 29,029’ feet in the month of September. I better get started!

Visit for more details on the 7 Summit Challenge and how you can be a part of the fun.

The Summits & their altitude:

  1. Everest, Asia 29,029′ – 15 “Stratton Summits”
  2. Aconcagua, South America 22,902′ – 11.5 “Stratton Summits”
  3. Denali, North America 20,320′  – 10.2 “Stratton Summits”
  4. Kilimanjaro, Africa 19,340′ – 9.7 “Stratton Summits”
  5. Elbrus, Europe 18,513′ – 9.3 “Stratton Summits”
  6. Vinson, Antarctica 16,067′ – 8 “Stratton Summits”
  7. Mt. Blanc 15,780′ – 7.9 Stratton Summits

Let’s Ride


By Sky Foulkes

This past Saturday was a day for a bike ride and so that is just what I did; the 7th annual Tour de Bondville is in the books! On one of the best days so far this summer, about 130 riders took off from the Startingate Ski Shop on one of four rides (50, 50 alternate, 26, or 16 miles).

I rode the original 50 mile route which took me by Bromley, through Londonderry (and a wave to the Saturday farmers market), through Andover, down into Weston, back to Londonderry (this time I wanted to stop at the farmers market :-)) and then a finish through the “hills” on Winhall Hollow Rd. The route was designed to maximize the climbing, and that it does about 4000 ft worth, so let’s just say it is for the strong of heart (legs and lungs too!).


The other rides also have a fair bit of climbing too, this wouldn’t be a ride in VT without that, but are a bit tamer. It was a beautiful day to be out on the roads. And not only did I get some great riding in, the event raised over $28,000 for breast cancer research. How cool is that!? If you missed this year’s Tour, be sure to put it on your calendar for next year. But, in case you can’t wait that long, you’re in luck as there is another great bike event just around the corner (so to speak) the Vermont Challenge is August 14-18, So get out and ride, it is just awesome!

See you on the roads.

Stratton Gets Extreme

photo[1]By Courtney DiFiore

The Extreme Wolverine Challenge is exactly what it sounds like…extreme and quite the challenge. In fact, it’s advertised as being “built by man, designed for beast, conquered by extreme athletes.” -_- Yeah, exactly.

The race is a challenging combination of 6miles (on a mountain! – which I’d say is challenging enough of its own) and 15-20 obstacles scattered throughout. Money is raised to support the charitable efforts of local and national charities throughout the U.S. Forever Our Heroes Foundation and the Stratton Foundation were two beneficiaries of this event today.

photo 2Walking into registration I was confident that I would make it out alive; however, shortly after arrival my nerves had gotten the best of me. Off to my right stood a HUGE blow up Marine that overlooked the start line and a pull-up bar where (too much surprise…NOT) big, strong men were lining up to have a go. To the left, I could see the finish line and two sets of obstacles – keg monkey bars and a slip and slide. Luckily the tent that stood directly in front of me was playing a great mix of music. That eased my nerves a tiny bit, that and the fact that right behind me was the kettle corn kart. That would be my motivation to finish…obviously.


My favorite part about the race was the camaraderie. Strangers became friends as they helped each other over walls and through mud and water. The energy was positive and encouraging. In the end, everyone finished with a smile, some high fives and great memories.

First Place Sean McCoy from GearJunkie with finish time of 50 Min. 50sec.
Second place – Stephen Renegold from GearJunkie with finish time of 50 mins. 51 sec.
Third place – Kate Boobar from Stratton Mountain with finish time of 53 mins 36 sec.
Big congrats to you all!


The Extreme Wolverine Challenge comes back to Stratton this October 19th. Get your redemption! Just before that is our Grizzly Triathlon (sprint style) on September 1st. Sign up now to guarantee your spot. It’s a great way to train during the summer so we’re all winter ready!