Fit & Fun Winter Dates

By Courtney DiFiore

Claim First Tracks
It’s time for you and the sweetheart to earn those turns. Grab batteries for the head lamp and take to the hill early morning. Skin or hike up, share a private sunrise, then enjoy first tracks. Talk about a unique, shared experience to remember forever.
HSP2015_2297-2250px-2Hit the Nordic Trails
Not everyone is willing to race down steeps on two planks and that’s okay. We have Nordic trails for those who prefer flatter ground. Don’t let the lack of elevation fool you, this is quite the work out. Cross Country Ski or Snowshoe through 12 miles of groomed trails. Located in the Sun Bowl, the Nordic Center is open 7 days a week from 9am-4pm with the warming hut open Weekends and Holidays from 9am-4pm. Start planning your date!
HSP2014_5960-2250pxGo Tubing
Trade the lake for a mountain and go snow tubing! This is more on the fun side than fit, but if you opt to walk up the hill instead of taking the lift-service you could get a really good work out. Located in Stratton’s Sun Bowl, the Coca-Cola Tube Park features four lanes of lift-serviced snow tubing, warming hut with light refreshments and fire pit. Play by day or under the lights at night!
HSP_6213Visit the Ice Castle
Picture yourself as Elsa in the movie Frozen. That’s what you’ll feel like when stepping into the Ice Castle located in the Sun Bowl Base Area. You and your date can explore winding mazes and archways all crafted by hand using only icicles and water. This one of a kind, spectacular icy forest is the perfect back drop for that couple selfie you’ve been dying to take.
150117_IceCastleNight_HS_3572Go Biking
Ever heard of Fat Bikes? Equip with fatter, more durable tires Fat Bikes allow you to ride on snow. Now you and your special someone can go cycling year round. Talk about an Instagram worthy shot of the two of you!
Fat Bike Village

Who Run The World? GIRLS!

Unknown-1By: Cassie Russo

January-March at Stratton means ladies rule the mountain. We have two exclusive ladies camps for skiers and snowboarders! It can sometimes be intimidating learning a new sport, or even trying to advance your skills on the mountain. The thing I love most about these camps is that you are surrounded by ladies who encourage each other to be better, with no pressure! These women invite all skill levels, as well.

Women on SnoW is an all-women skier camp with a goal to perfect your turns in a friendly and supportive environment. You receive personalized coaching by Stratton’s top women instructors and guest coaches! How cool is that? It’s also multi-day camp, so the fun doesn’t stop after one day on hill! Besides skiing, you can enjoy life at The Village. Visit the spa, enjoy live music and do some shopping! (Who doesn’t love that). Here’s the schedule of this awesome weekend:

Dates:  January 23-25, 2015; February 6-8, 2015 (both Fri. & Sun.); March 4-6, 2015 (Wed-Fri).

Friday 5:30-7:30pm Reception & Presentation at First Run in the Village
Saturday 7-8:30am Warm-up and breakfast (At the Living Room for Warm-up and Table 43.1 for Breakfast)
8:30am-4pm On-Snow / Lunc
5pm-evening Personal Time! Get a facial, do dinner and more.
Sunday 7-7:30am Yoga Warm-up in the Livng Room or Group Snowshoe with Angie (Snowshoe begins at 7:45am)
7:30-8:30am Group Breakfast at Table 43.1 (Snowshoes group will eat at The Market in the Base Lodge)
8:30am-4pm On-Snow / Lunch


Burton Girl’s Time Out Camps is our snowboarding camp for ladies of all skill levels. If you are just starting out, or you are an intermediate looking to supercharge your skills or if you are an advanced riders wanting to make new friends! It is a one-day camp with various focuses from park riding, riding switch and tackling those double diamond trails. I never took lessons when I started snowboarding, and I really wish I had. It can be scary trying snowboarding for the first time, so an environment like this is perfect for learning. Here’s the schedule for this year’s GTO camps:

January 25 – Switch It Up at 9:45am. Learn to ride switch so you can attack from any angle.

February 8 – Intro to Park at 9:45am. Begin your trip into the parks with the guidance of a skilled professional. We’ll get you off the ground, in the air and riding the rails!

March 8 – Diamonds at 9:45am. Gain confidence and hone your skills on the steeper groomed terrain that Stratton has to offer, or just rip it up with other ladies who love to shred the blacks.

March 15 – Switch It Up at 9:45am. Learn to ride switch so you can attack from any angle.

22 – Intro to Park at 9:45am. Begin your trip into the parks with the guidance of a skilled professional. We’ll get you off the ground, in the air and riding the rails!

We want to know: What’s your favorite part of being a lady skier or snowboarder? Let us know in the Comments and on Facebook & Twitter!

Mine? I love being a lady snowboarder because I have met so many friends on the mountain! The atmosphere at Stratton is fun, exciting and supportive! Everyone encourages growth and just an all around great time. I encourage you to join us for Women on SnoW or Girl’s Time Out!

The Midnight Hour

By Charlie Reetz

As the Snow Reporter, I don’t get many late nights because I have to be in the office by 5:30am. It’s become a rejuvenating routine to start the day that early and fall asleep before 9pm while everyone else might be out on the town. Though if I were to do that every day I would not have a social life, and there’s nothing quite like a party to boost morale. In today’s entry I will take you through a typical procedure through the witching hour.

7:30pm – Around this time I’ve finished dinner and made contact with some friends. If plans are to lead me off the mountain I save the drinks for the bar, but normally I like visiting Green Door Pub in the Stratton Village, just a short walk from my house, so I start drinking PBR tall boys.

8:30/9pm – Pre drinks are a routine for many others. It allows you to spend less money when settled at the bar and to start a buzz early. I like to have a few and arrive at GDP before 10 when DJ Joe Bell usually kicks off the party. The first thing I do upon entering the pub is get another tall boy and some quarters to play a few games of pool.

10pm/12pm – During this time I’m fixated on having a good time no matter what. Typically, I’ll be holding it down on the felt for a few games, but I’m not going to be bothered if I lose a game or two. Any bar with parlor games available is a huge preference for me. Weather attending a club, pub, or the middle of the street DANCING IS ALSO WIDELY ACCEPTED IN MY BOOK. I may look silly sometimes, but again at this point nothing bothers me.

1pm – This is about the time I’ll start to wind down. Waking up at 4:30am for work days has affected my internal clock and I feel tired earlier, especially after a few drinks. As soon as I’m back home, I pour a massive glass of water for myself and fall asleep to a good movie.

Share with me what a typical night at Stratton is for you and maybe I’ll see you out there. If we do meet I’ll buy the first round, and if you’re a lovely lady I’ll buy the second.

Bacon and Coffee and Red Bull! Oh My!

By Charlie Reetz

As you may have read in my last entry I wrote about the Labor of Love and how we can admire the work we put into our passion. This week’s entry is about the fuel that drives us into that workflow and keeps us there until the end of the day. One of those methods of motivation is drinking coffee.

Many of you might agree with me that coffee is an incredible source of energy. Caffeine is also among the most addictive substances in the world. Every morning, even before I put on a pair of pants, the first thing I do is head straight to the coffee machine and brew a pot. One cup will get me out of bed and two cups will get me energized for the day. A third cup by the early afternoon keeps me going and maybe a fourth after dinner if I’m going out to party.

There are other forms of fuel that we consume that work just as well as coffee. For those who prefer tea to coffee that’s also a fine choice and it soothes the throat on a sick day. Red Bull gives you wings but I’m not one to drink that first thing in the morning. Nuts are a great source of energy especially almonds and peanuts. Healthy eating styles can keep you up beat on the ski hill but that doesn’t rule out the astounding power of bacon at breakfast.

Whether you need coffee, bacon or tea to wake you for first chair, we’ve got you covered. Stop by the Market or Market Bistro in the Base Lodge to fuel up for the day.

The Labor of Love

By Charlie Reetz

Everyone who skis and snowboards expects to have the most fun possible right on their first run. It continues until you’ve tired yourself out and you go to après to have even more fun. What some may forget or overlook is the process and preparation of shredding the gnar. Such things as driving 4 hours north from the city or constructing the perfect jump fall under this procedure. It is what’s known as “The Labor of Love.”

In my career of snowboarding there have been many things I’ve had to do before enjoying a day on and off the hill. For example, if my friends and I wanted to ski or shred urban rails it would take time to build a setup before attempting the tricks we plan to throw down. In the backcountry, skiers and riders will hike uphill, through the woods and into the bitter cold to get to that perfect untouched line. Families who are all jittery about getting to the mountain must prepare in good health, which may include a hearty breakfast and making sure everyone has their equipment. Snowmaking, Grooming, Park Crew, Ski Patrol and many other team members are out there before most of us to make sure we have the most fun possible by assuring the best quality conditions. It is something we are programmed to do in order to get the full experience. We even pride ourselves as East Coast Skiers because we look for the best things even when Mother Nature hits us with -20 degree weather.

It can’t always be perfect out there. In my own personal case I’ve had a day where I was having so much fun but by the end I broke my collarbone on a rail in the park. I actually kept on snowboarding until I realized that I couldn’t raise my arm above my shoulder. Eventually I had surgery with 9 bolts and a titanium rod put in. I was out for a month and a half. I was performing small physical therapy exercises before the end of the season and was able to comfortably ride a few more days before April. During my time off I exercised and told myself I’d be stronger and better for next season. I believe that kind of determination lives in all of us because if everything were to be perfect we might get bored.

Work hard so that you can get the full experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s skiing or not, it applies to everything in life. You do what you want because you love it and you want more. The rewards can be tremendous whether you’ve finally landed that trick or you’ve just taught yourself how to ski downhill without falling. That’s why it’s called “The Labor of Love” because if you’re not doing what you love, then why do it?

Highlights of 2014

By Courtney DiFiore

We began 2014 with a bang. Winter storm Hercules dropped 18 inches! 

first post screen shot

We partnered with Wild Honey Pie to bring you On The Mountain. It went so well that they came back and On The Mountain 2 is already in production.

We made the NY Times! ny-times-image

Then there was the winter Olympics that included 14 Stratton Olympians. That was really exciting for not only the resort but the community. Congrats to Alex Deibold for bringing home the Bronze in Men’s Snowboard Cross. olympics sc

The second Annual VT Open was bigger and better than the first with over $20,000 in prize money.

We raised even more money than last year for charity with the
24 Hour event in March.

Early spring we introduced the Passport pass allowing guests to spend time at our sister resorts.

We celebrated 50 years of golf at our 27-Hole Champion course.

We embraced our inner yogi at Wanderlust, a multi-day yoga festival that features world-renowned yoga instructors, live music, inspiring lectures, outdoor expeditions, organic food, wine, and art. And we’ll do it again this summer.

We got new toys! Brand new
gondola cabins made their way on the line, new HKD snowguns joined the fleet, glades were added and new shops and restaurants moved into the Village.

We raised awareness and donated money for ALS in completing the Ice Bucket Challenge.

We changed our food to include more local, fresh products!

Columbus Day was a HUGE success with the addition of the Black Dagger Parachute Team, more selection at the Brewfest and a 5k Fun Run.

Opening day for the 2014-15 season arrived with a storm on its coat tails that dropped 13 inches! Can we start every season like this?

We teamed up with Rossignol, giving fans a chance to win gear and a ski & stay package for two valued at over $5,000. Contests are the best aren’t they?


New Year, New Gear!


Find full descriptions of all featured items HERE!

1. Brunton Charging Devices at Head Case

2. Analog Outerwear at Burton

3. Electric Goggles at Syd & Dusty’s

4. Skea Women Daria Jacket at Dashing Bear

5. Logo Wear at Stratton Sports

6. Women’s Verbera Utility Boot at The North Face

7. Marmot Outerwear at First Run

8. Learn to Ride Boards at Stratton Rentals

9. Simone One Piece at Lole