Around the Mtn Dining

By Kirby Daly

It is my pleasure to keep you updated as I embark on a journey of the taste buds. I have been tasked with exploring Stratton’s food and beverage experience, from on hill eateries to hidden off hill gems holes. Casual, fancy and everything in-between, there seems to be something for everyone.

meatMy first mission was to find out what the mouth-watering smell was coming from the newly renovated mid-mountain lodge. When I reached my destination, I almost forgot to clip out of my skis as the smoky fragrance filled the air. I knew instantly; Smoked Meats! To my surprise, the once Mexican inspired mid-mountain cuisine has taken on a whole new approach and a new name to go with it. Mountain Smoke takes comfort food from home and brings it to the hill.

Originally from New York, the man behind all this smoke is James Casterline. The man has been preparing food for a long time and for some fairly colorful groups and people such as Phish, Godsmack, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. With all of his time on tours, he says he has experienced BBQ from all around the country, preparing him to unleash a truly original collection of traditional comfort dishes.

beansUsing a combination of fresh hickory and oak, already the mountain has smoked almost 7,000 pounds of local meat. Between beef brisket, spare ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken and all the sides to go with it, there is plenty of comfort to go around. All rubs were invented and created in-house along with 8 original sauces to choose and mix from.

I’d love to describe the food in detail but my words have no justice to the melt-in-your-mouth sensation that these meats acquire…you need to try it yourself. I declare five BBQ sauce covered stars.

Snow Reporter’s Wish List

By Charlie Reetz

When you get to my age, which is 26 years young, you might be asking Santa for more money under the tree. It’s the first thing that comes to mind after paying bills, rent and maybe a few nights out on the town. However that doesn’t stop me from dreaming big and sending postcards to the North Pole for some extra swag. Here is a list of potential presents this year.

  • The Phantom II Drone. For those who don’t know, the Phantom is one the top remote control drones to fly the airways. It controls your GoPro with a Gimbal steadicam system and captures amazing aerial footage. One of our earlier videos has a bit of drone footage, so hopefully Santa can help me bring more of that to the snow report.
  • An array of camera equipment (which would take a while to explain the details).
  • New Boots. Always good for those cold winter days. Also my old ones have holes in them.
  • Socks and Underwear. As per usual.
  • A girlfriend. HA! Santa can’t help me with that one.
  • MORE SNOW! Because all I ever want for Christmas is an entirely snowed out winter with lots and lots of good skiing and snowboarding.

Please share with me what your Christmas wish list sounds like. If it’s anything like mine, then maybe St. Nick and Mother Nature can help us with some pow turns!

Trail Picks at Stratton

By Kirby Daly

Do you have a favorite trail at Stratton? Many of us do. See if you can match up the face to their favorite trail!

fav trail collagea) Upper Spruce
b) Upper Slalom Glade
c) Moon Dance
d) Diamond In The Rough
e) Anything with a park feature
f) Mike’s Way
g) all of them!
h) Polar Bear
i) Black Bear
j) Lower Spruce
k) Upper Tamarack
l) Upper Downeaster
m) Lower Downeaster
n) Drifter Link
o) Upper Standard

The Little Luxuries

By Charlie Reetz

There are a lot of great things that we as a skiing/snowboarding community can enjoy. Fresh powder over corduroy or vice versa is just one example. Greater luxuries include massages, fine dining or soaking yourself in a hot tub after an amazing day of skiing. This is the following list of smaller luxuries that I personally enjoy.

  • The smell of fresh ground coffee. It’s not as good as an actual cup of coffee but it’s as good as opening a fresh can of tennis balls or that new car smell.
  • A free drink. One time at the Green Door the bartender gave me a PBR tall boy and said it was from that man over there. I searched the room and saw my good friend Rob waving and smiling.
  • Warm boots. I don’t have a state of the art boot dryer, but finding an old hair dryer hidden in the bathroom left there from your ex-girlfriend will help toast those kicks.
  • Yes ladies and gentlemen I am a fan of receiving snail mail. It’s authentic, heartfelt and always puts a smile on my face.
  • Discovering new music. No matter where I am there should be good music playing and if I don’t know the tune I’ll learn more about it.
  • A roaring fire. Man’s most primitive discovery.

charlie luxeriesIf you’d like to respond back to me with more little luxuries please share them with me over Facebook or Twitter. You can even send me a post card!

Holiday Deals & Steals


GearGuide_DecemberHolidaySpecials_webThe Stratton Gear Guide is here to help you outfit your adventure. You’ll find all these package deals and more in the Stratton Village. Valid December 8 – 21

Syd & Dusty’sBuy a Board, boot and binding package & receive 10% off your purchase.
Lole – Buy any 3 long underwear garments and receive 20% off your purchase.
Dashing Bear
Buy a Jacket, pant, and accessory from either Spyder, Skea or Erin Snow and receive 20% off your purchase.
Stratton Sports
Buy 3 Ottowear Stratton Logo corporate Long sleeve or short sleeve tees (men’s, women’s or kids) and receive a free water bottle.
Head Case
– Buy any UVEX helmet, goggle and a Buff & receive 10% off your purchase.
First Run
– Buy a Smartwool top & bottom base layer and get the smartwool glove linear for $12.99 while supplies last!
North Face
– Buy 3 Thermoball’s men’s, women’s or kids vest, jacket or hoody and receive 10% off your purchase.
Burton – Buy a Burton Jacket, pant, and Layering piece & receive 10% off your purchase.

True Life: Being A Stratton Snow Reporter (the quick version)

By Charlie Reetz

4:30 am: I’m waking up while my coffee machine automatically brews a few cups of coffee. The Weather Chanel gives me a few updates as I check my emails and Facebook.

5:25 am: Arriving at the office 5 minutes early is a must for me. Clock in and get to work.

5:30 am: Radio in to the grooming team and get the low down on the trail and lift count. From there it’s a matter of updating several websites and documents for the world to see. Lay down the phone message with enthusiasm.

7:00 am: Handing out the hard copies throughout the village and mountain. After I finish my rounds I see Liz at the Market for another cup of coffee. I’d say I drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day.

8:00 am: Waiting to hear of any changes to the trail list or weather conditions. If so I update said websites and documents.

9:30 am: Tying up my boots and headed to the hill with my GoPro in hand. Get in as many runs and film as much as I can with new friends and old.

Noon: Return to the office to download the footage received and work on the afternoon reports and documents for the next day.

1:30 pm: Attend the Operations meeting. This information is classified (but not really).

2:00 pm: Write updates for tomorrow’s projected weather and trail count. Lay down the phone message again with just as much enthusiasm, if not more. Comb over some of the footage and edit to make it prettier.

4:30 am: I call it a day, clock out, and enjoy après with some friends.