December Gear Guide


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1. Split Fish Board at Burton

2. Holden Rydell Jacket at Syd & Dusty’s

3. UVEX Snowstrike Variotronic Goggles at Head Case

4. Perrito Toddlers Jacket at The North Face

5. Lily Tote at Lole

6. Tela Pants at Dashing Bear

7. Smith I/O7 Goggles at Stratton Sports

8. Dart Night at First Run

9. Rossignal Performance Skies at Stratton Rentals

Goals for the Season

By Charlie Reetz

charlie photoThere’s one question I ask myself at the beginning of every season. What are my goals to accomplish before the snow melts? So for those of you just as amped as I am for the season, I’d like to share with you a few of my aspirations for the winter.

101 Days

Accomplishing one hundred days on the hill is a challenge already, but I want to add that extra day just because. On every mountain there is a society of men and women who are able to get in those days. Some call it the 100 club others may call it #100happydays but it’s certainly a goal every serious skier and snowboarder strives to achieve toward the end of the season.

Going Inverted

A back flip is not as hard as people may think; it’s just a matter of having the guts to do it. I have tried it before but haven’t landed it properly quite yet. There’s also what’s called spinning cork which all my park rats will know about but for those who don’t it’s a way of spinning and flipping at the same time. As an avid terrain park goer you always have a list of tricks you’ve got dialed in and some tricks to work on for the season.

Pizza Everyday

… And not gaining a single pound. HAHA

Covering Every Trail

It may be a part of the job, but the fact is I haven’t been down EVERY trail here at Stratton.

Pond Skimming

Believe it or not in all my years of skiing and snowboarding I have yet to pond skim at the end of the season.

Let me know what your goals are for this season and I’ll be happy to see you achieving each one this season. Right now I’m going for a slice!

Meet Your New Snow Reporters

By Charlie Reetz and Kirby Daly

Meet Charlie

To me the world is a visual place. When I was six years old I was fascinated when my grandfather bought a Pentax K1000 for my birthday and since then I’ve always wanted to put the world into frame. Every detail came into mind when taking a photo including lighting, positioning, depth of field, etc. The purpose is to portray a story within a picture because the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” does not apply to a “selfie.” Later, my passion became film as well as keeping up with photography. Every day I want to make a project that’s better than the last one, and with our increase in technology and HD picture it just keeps getting better.

Even when I was six years of age I appreciated the winter wonderland arriving every year. As soon as I could walk my father put me on a pair of skis, then later our family and friends would venture north to this grand mountain of Stratton. As far as mountains go, Stratton has been a peak destination for my friends and I for many years now. Before the age of ten I was fearless and skiing down black diamonds with great speeds. I love the challenge. As I entered my adolescent skate punk pubescent years I taught myself how to snowboard and naturally broke bones trying out new tricks and exploring new territory. All a part of what most of us knows as “the labor of love.”

charlie-jumpWhich leads me to this very entry. Combining both snowboarding and filming is not only a passion of mine but also part of a career choice. If I am able to succeed in showing you just how much fun you’ll have on and off the hill then I will have done my job. If in the future I become this traveling, shredding, filming character you might see on the web then it’s almost as if I won’t ever have to “work” again because this is the path to greatness. Other then myself, I know I will be seeing others to the path of greatness whether it’s your first time on a board or you’ve finally landed that double cork 10 you’ve been working on.

Stratton has been incredibly welcoming to me for a long time now and it’s only right that I help to portray that energy. So if you see me out on the hill pointing a camera or a microphone don’t be shy (you could even slash me with snow while skiing by if you’d like). I planned to have a good time this season and I’m sure you will too!


Meet Kirby

Hello and happy Season to all you Stratton skiers, riders and enthusiasts. As you will now be relying on me for your up to date snow reporting this season, let’s get to know each other.

I was born in San Francisco, California but life did not truly begin for me until the age of two. That’s when I moved to the east coast and was told by my father that if I was to be a part of this family, I would be a skier. After my first few seasons of mastering my techniques in the classical school of “pizza-french fry,” I fell in love with the sport and culture. I soon found myself on the Bromley Mountain ski racing team but not long after that, I switched teams to ski for the mountain I now call home; Stratton. Along with my love of traversing hills, I have also found a hobby in the art of film and cinema.

kirbyI pursued this interest during my time studying at St. Lawrence University, creating a multi-field major of Film and Asian Studies. After graduation, I followed the snow to Colorado, where I lived and worked in beautiful Telluride. An unfortunate ski accident brought me back to the east coast where I landed a job working as a news director at a local TV station in Saratoga Springs, NY. There, I was able to test my film techniques in a commercial setting. This lead to me producing my own music based television show and eventually allowing me start up my own production company.

As winter approached this year, it dawned on me that I was missing something so I quit my job in NY and moved into the beautiful green mountain valley. Let me tell you, I think I found that missing something.

November Gear Guide

Struggling to find pieces that will smooth the transition from fall to winter? The Stratton Gear Guide is here to help. Outfit your adventures in Stratton’s Village, where you’ll find all of these items and more.

Find full descriptions of all featured items HERE!

1. Women’s Juno Pant at Lole

2. Coal Hats at Syd & Dusty’s

3. Fall Flannels at First Run

4. Garbo Vest at
Dashing Bear

5. Men’s Fuse Brigandine Jacket at The North Face

6. Women’s Arya Trench at Burton

7. Season Leasing at Village Rentals

8. Tent Sale at Stratton Sports