Summer To-Do List

By Courtney DiFiore

I always seem to adopt a new attitude and find myself reaching for new goals during the changing of seasons. I’m not sure why, but it’s a pattern that continues year after year. I clean the house more, I get restless, I yearn for change and become impatient with the weather and its cruel tricks. As a result, I began to create my summer to-do list early this year.

I add things like go to Hamilton Falls, host a BBQ, golf and hike new mountains. As I was creating my list, I felt like it was lacking so I enlisted the help of my co-workers. We all share a love for Vermont and the outdoors, so I knew I’d get some great suggestions. Here’s what the co-workers and I will be doing this summer.

What are you doing this summer?

Team Stratton’s Summer To-Do List – 2014
1. Float down the Battenkill on a tube
2. Go horseback riding
3. Attend the Frendly Gathering
4. Hike 14 miles a week
5. Visit Vermont Breweries (2 down already – she’s the over achiever of the bunch)
6. Do a century ride
7. Visit all the local watering holes (and we don’t mean the bars, but it’s not a bad idea)
8. Play a round of golf, or two, maybe three
9. Train for the Maple Leaf Half Marathon
10. Grow a garden

CONTEST: Look back to GoPro

Face it, you’re not ready to let go of winter. It’s okay. Neither are we.Instagram_memories4_600x600

Help keep winter alive by sharing your favorite memories from this past season. Share videos or photos of your best powder turns, bump runs, slalom gates, ski or snowboard school lessons and après… anything and everything that made your winter unforgettable. To sweeten the deal, one person will win a brand new GoPro HERO 3+ Silver.

To enter, share a photo or video of your best Stratton memory on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Include the hashtag #Strattitude and tag Stratton before 5pm on Wednesday, April 23 to be entered. The winner will be announced on Thursday, April 24.

The rules: you must own the rights to any photo or video you submit. Photos and video must be from Stratton or the Village. Enter as many times as you want, but only one will win.

“Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State”

By Lucyann Murray

Stratton Food and Beverage Achieves “Green Restaurant in the Green Mountain State” Designation

A number of initiatives have been cooking behind the scenes this winter in Stratton Mountain Food & Beverage. While striving for quality and consistency, an element of sustainability has been incorporated through local sourcing of food, conscious sourcing of non-food products, energy efficient measures, and waste diversion away from landfills, to name a few. All six food establishments, which include Stratton Mountain Club, Cob’s Market, Mid-Mountain Lodge, Sunbowl Lodge, Bentley’s and Grizzly’s, are proudly sourcing 16% of their food locally. Stratton has just partnered with Vermont Fresh Network, a network connecting farmers to businesses, and is looking to raise that number in the near future. Stratton has also looked to companies such as EcoLogic Solutions to source green cleaners and energy efficient dishwashers. After an energy assessment this year, a number of steps are being taken to improve energy efficiency throughout all establishments. Lastly, through composting, the kitchens have begun to lessen their impact on landfills. These six establishments are producing approximately a ton of compost a week which is sent to a dairy farm in Fort Ann, NY where it is turned into energy. These initiatives are just the beginning of what is to come in this department.

Congratulations to Food and Beverage for achieving Green Restaurant status. Keep up the good work.

Stay tuned for updates in Tenderloins, Bentley’s, catering, and the Stratton Mountain Club this summer!

Why We Love Spring Skiing

By Courtney DiFiore

HSP2013_8435Remember how excited you were on your first day of the season? Channel that excitement and read on. The end of the season is not the time to give up skiing and riding. Aside from a powder day, spring skiing is the best time (I’d say). Here’s why:

1. Fewer people. By the time April rolls around, people are already thinking of biking, golf and tennis so they won’t be taking your seat on the lift. So grab your best friends and take a road trip.HSP2013_0935-2400px
2. Discounts, discounts and more discounts.
3. Outdoor music, festivals, contests and more. If you’re looking for an excuse to wear a wacky costume (not that you need one – we welcome costumes all day, every day) the Annual Pond Skim is your event. What’s spring skiing without some water to glide across?
4. Snow conditions are awesome. We love powder, but I’d say second best is the soft, spring snow. Spring snow has an amazing texture created by a mixture of warm temps and sunshine. It’s simply wonderful.
ChristmasStorySnowsuit15. No more Ralphie from A Christmas Story. It’s time to shed those layers and rock some flannels and a goggle tan.
6. Longer days. Thanks to spring equinox, the days of shredding can be extended into the evening. When lifts stop spinning, build a backyard booter and keep the party going.
7. Outdoor fun. Après skiing becomes a party on the Grizzly’s deck, portable grills on the back porch and tailgates in the parking lot. It’s great to be outside this time of year.
8. Sunny, warm bluebird days!

Goggle Tan For All

By Courtney DiFiore

HSP Pond Skim 2
It’s that time of the season – spring skiing! Spring means Stratton’s Annual Pond Skim. This event is a personal favorite because it’s full of thrills, chills and spills. I also really like it for the costumes. After my failed crossing last year (look for me, I’m the pizza slice!), I’ve compiled some helpful tips to keep dry this time around.

  1. Be prepared to fall – hopefully you don’t but let’s not get over confident.
  2. DON’T speed check – wax your equipment.HSP Pond Skim 3
  3. Lean back – but not too far back.
  4. Go STRAIGHT – turning slows you down.
  5. Wear the most ridiculous outfit you can find – suggestions include anything neon, shiny attire, onesies, wigs and so on.
  6. Get your best friends to join you – the more the merrier.
  7. Bring an extra pair of clothes – you may need them.